Initial Consultation:

  • Initial conversations are typically by phone appointment.  For most clients, this initial consult starts anywhere from a few weeks to a year before meeting face to face.  
  1. Your Requirements - i.e. specific school districts, mature neighbourhood, proximity to work, etc.   and then let you know what neighbourhoods you should target.  If you are looking for a special type of property such as an investment property, large lot, single floor dwelling, and so on, I can give you an idea of the type of budget and area to target.  
  2. Oakville Real Estate Market Conditions - I will give you some background information on Oakville as well as future housing trends and Oakville development plans.  
  3. Role of Realtors in Oakville - If you are not already familiar with the role of realtors in the area, I will give you an overview of the services we provide, what you can expect from me personally should we chose to work together as well as how realtors are compensated.

Even if you aren't looking to move right away, discussing your needs can keep your on-line window shopping on more focused.

Email Exchange:

  • I often have maps, charts, listings, so on that I send after our initial conversation to provide you with a more comprehensive view of the Oakville real estate market.  If relevant to our conversation, I will follow up with such information within a week of our initial consult.

Face to Face Meeting (start of formal Buyer Representation relationship):

  • By this point, we have usually spoken several times.  Hopefully you have a comfort level with my abilities and level of knowledge and I have a strong understanding of what you are looking to buy.  At this point, we meet face to face.  I will explain information on agency agreements and the Buyer representation relationship.  Discussing "formal relationships" is not the highlight of my job but it is incredibly important to set out expectations from the start so you know exactly what you can expect from me.  We go over all the legal paperwork so you aren't blindsided with document after document of legal information 30 minutes before placing an offer on a home.  I often combine this meeting with our initial home tour (see below).

Home Tour:

  • When you are first starting your search, I usually recommend taking the better part of a day to see several homes at once.  The first time around, I usually pick all the homes we see (based on your budget and criteria).  I like to pick homes at different price points, styles and neighbourhoods so you get a good cross section of what is available in Oakville.  If there are a couple homes you really want to see, we will definitely go see those homes as well!  I recommend the home tour be at a time before you are under pressure to buy something quickly.  This helps keep your mind clear without the stress of buying the first thing you see.  That said, I have had several clients that have purchased our first day out (hopefully in part due to the real estate education they received in the meeting above!).

On-Going Business:

After the initial home tour, we both should have a better idea of what you are looking for.  I keep abreast of all the active listings and let you know as soon as a listing comes up that meets your criteria.  Due to the speed of the market, we usually go to see these listings as soon as it is convenient for you to view them (often within hours of them being listed).  We continue our phone, email and face to face communications as required and adjust your home search parameters as required until you find the best home for you!


Mortgage Pre-Approval: Before our initial face to face consultation.  While not technically a requirement, most realtors will ask during negotiations if buyers have received mortgage pre-approval.  I will not take clients out until I know pre-approval is in place.  There is nothing worse than falling in love with a home you cannot obtain a mortgage on!

Deposit Money: typically 5% due on offer acceptance (usually 24 hours of an offer being mutally accepted by buyer and seller)

Closing Costs (land transfer tax, legal fees, disbursements, realtor fees (if applicable))

Lawyer: It's preferrable to have a lawyer and home inspector lined up before you start looking at homes however both can be easily obtained a couple days after an accepted offer is signed.