Hi.  I'm Lindsay.


Hi there.  I’m Lindsay.  I’m a full time realtor who has hit her stride after 9 years in the business.  If you have landed here, then you probably already have a sense of who I am.  Below is a bit more insight into how I work and what I see as my role in your life.

Empowering my clients with knowledge is the most important service I provide.   It really is that simple.  Let’s face it, we have all seen enough flash and shameless self promotion in the real estate industry.  This is a new era; one that requires real understanding to navigate the highly competitive Oakville market. 

Real estate is both more finicky and more complicated than ever before.  The discussions I have with clients’ centre on micro and macro trends, risk/reward analysis, in depth market evaluations, how to respond to changing practices and valuations, how to compete effectively and how to break records.  Whether you are investing, downsizing, upgrading or making a lifestyle change, being armed with knowledge is the best way to realize your goals with confidence.

I am a numbers person who loves all things analytical.  It is important to me to understand how things work, where things are headed and what I can do to influence the outcome.  I am curious and a natural problem solver.  I am also a mom with two young children, a rambunctious dog, husband and busy social life. 

I can relate to many of the issues that are important to my clients because they are important to me too – commute times, daycare options, school rankings, sense of community are all things I’m living with as a parent and resident every day.  I get that selling and buying a home isn’t always fun when you are already juggling a million things. If you have bought or sold recently, you have probably had many, MANY conversations with your realtor.  I really love my clients but I realize that hanging out with their new best friend Lindsay isn’t always how they would like to spend their time off.  That is why I have created systems to make the job of buying and selling as smooth as possible.  Helping you realize your dream is always my ultimate focus.

If you have a question about the area, the market or just want a better sense of how you should start the process of selling or buying, I am happy to hear from you.  I love hearing your questions, comments and concerns and will always find 5 minutes to chat.